Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sidelined. F***!

So my original update was going to be:

"Ten Great Things About Riding Fat"

10. You get to use those tacky club-cut jerseys.
9. Every hill is an interval.
8. No longer lust for a lighter bike.
7. Reminds you why race-fit guys are cocky.
6. Days off are well, just days.
5. If "no pain, no gain" is true, it's all gain.
4. No need to worry about bonking. Rides too short, reserves too deep.
3. Very little guilt about skipping group rides. Or any rides.
2. Chicks dig lycra when stretched to see-through proportions.

and of course

1. Descending!

Now for the real update:

This is me, now going on 4 weeks. Ostensibly caused by lifting (improperly) while doing yardwork, but more likely caused by a weak core not ready for riding, water skiing, and rowing. Anyhoo, it sucks. Big time. The past 48 hours have been the first where I've been free of painkillers and nsaids.

The likelihood of CO is nil for me, which (despite my incessant bitching and whining) I was looking forward to.

Enjoy your good health, and take care of it.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are still stuck with that back issue. Your probably right on the core thing. It was 2 years of the Y twice or three times a week that got me out of all of my desk induced back issues (fingers crossed to stay clear for good). Write off a bit of time and get yourself better. You'll get fit fast again when you are free. Sorry about CO. I'm out too I think due to classes and such. Take care.. Holla if you need me.

  2. Nice intro on that post ...... but a Terrible ending !
    What a bummer.
    Hope you heal fast !

  3. you're Doc's really helped me with the herniated disc thing. Hope you man up and get help. Swimming is great for the core, WSking sucks for it.
    Try a wide mouth aluminum bottle of Coors Lite.


  4. Nice Ass! (...not yours, but the one in the picture you posted of the "sore back")!!!

  5. Bummer!

    #10 isn't mutually exclusive to being fat.